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Get a free vin search online! A free vin number search is an important part of buying a used car. The car vin search allows records to be kept pertaining to the car's history. Vin searches will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title. It's recommended that every consumer get free auto vin number search before buying a used car. You can get a free vin check right from our website.

This web page covers vin search topics such as the following:

  • The free vin number search and how it works
  • How to get a car vin search
  • Where to get a free VIN check
  • What information a VIN number search provides
  • How a consumer can use vin searches to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a free auto vin number search
  • Why dealers don't like vehicle identification number search
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a vin report
  • Why a vehicle identification number search is used

Some problems to look for in used cars:

    • Accident Report File
    • Salvaged Auction Records
    • Fire or Flood Damage
    • Stolen Vehicle Report

How one person's free VIN search resulted in avoiding a problem used car and lost money

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A free vin search helped Mike Burrows of Pasadena make a smart buying experience. Mike started looking for a new, used car in June. He wanted something sporty, like a Camero or Miata. He was worried that these kinds of cars might have a rough driving history. He wanted to be sure he bought a car that would last and offer trouble free enjoyment for years to come.

To save time Mike searched for cars online. He found that most online sellers provided the vin number. Doing a free vin search simply required him to cut and paste the number into the VIN search field.

Mike looked at dozens of cars and choose several that he was interested in possibly buying. He used the free vin search online and compared the details of each one. Two had far more history reports than typical for cars of that age - so he removed them from his list. One he particularly liked, but knew that ultimately his decision needed to be based on the cars history and reliability - not an impulse purchase based on looks alone.

He finally choose two cars that he would compete head to head. Mike did the typical review of the cars body, engine and interior. He determined that one car that had lower miles than usual was most likely because it was driven less. It had less wear and tear on the interior.

Both cars met Mike's preferences, so it was time to review their histories. He ordered a comprehensive car report for both cars. In one report he found that the car had a salvaged title. He was surprised to find that the car with lower miles had been in an accident and was totaled. It had been rebuilt and resold to two different people over the past year.

Mike encountered a common scam and was surprised that the car that looked better and had less miles was actually a potential problem. Because it was totaled, it was not driven or used because it was probably sitting in a garage somewhere for several months. The repairs covered up all evidence of an accident. The car was actually selling for a higher price because of it's low miles!

Needless to say, Mike finally settled on a used car that checked out. It had only two owners and records were kept of all the maintenance. So far Mike has had no problems and credit his vin research with saving him a lot of money. He said he feels sorry for the person who probably ended up buying the salvaged car for a premium price.

Mike is just one of thousands who have protected their investment with research and careful selection. A free vin search and a vehicle history report makes buying a safe, reliable car a effortless process.

Try our free vin search today and see for yourself how easy it is to buy a reliable car. You'll never have to worry again if you bought a lemon that can break down any minute.

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