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A vehicle information number is an important part of every car made today. The car vin identification allows records to be kept pertaining to the car's history.

An vin number identification will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title. A basic vin search will show how many records are on a car.

It's recommended that every consumer get a free vehicle identification number check before buying a used car. You can do a vehicle identification number search right from our website.

This web page covers useful topics such as the following:

  • The vehicle information number and how it is used
  • How to get a free vehicle identification number check
  • Where to get a free VIN check
  • What information a vehicle identification number search provides
  • How consumers can use VIN number to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a vin number search
  • How sellers can use the vehicle information number
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a vin report
  • How vin number identification is used to combat fraud

Vehicle identification numbers track a vehicles history and can report problem titles

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A vehicle identification number is a 16 digit number that is assigned to every car made. All used cars have a vehicle identification number, which can be looked up online. A vin number will tell you many things about a cars history, including owners, insurance claims and much more.

A Vehicle Identification Number History help to prevent you from buying a lemon car (or a junk car as many call it). Details of a vehicle identification number history will show you if the car has been in a major accident and fully restored an much more.

Locating Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN number)

VIN numbers are commonly located on the dashboard on the driver side of the vehicle. You can usually see it through the front windshield. If the VIN cannot be found, open the driver side door and look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed).

The best free vehicle title summary service we've found is sponsored by Experian Automotive, the trusted name in reporting services. You can get your FREE Experian vin check summary. All you need is your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number.

The title check service is free, although there is a charge for a more detailed VIN history report. It's surprisingly easy to get your vehicle title summary check online. A vehicle identification number history helps you to avoid the thousands of lemons currently on the marketplace.

Common locations of the vehicle identification number:

On the dash board by the front windshield
On the radiator support bracket under the hood
On front or top of the cars engine
On the drivers door or post on passenger side
On the steering column case
On the left hand inner wheel arch
On any documents such as the car manual or maintenance book

Things a vehicle identification number can reveal:

Odometer rollback or mileage discrepancies. This can cause you to spend thousands more than a vehicle is worth, by believing it is a low mileage vehicle. It in fact could have thousands of more miles than indicated on the odometer.

A certified lemon. If the vehicle was a manufacturer buyback (lemon) and how many records if any are contained in a complete VIN Report.

Fire damage. Vandalism, accidents and mechanical malfunctions can cause a vehicle to catch on fire. The water used to put out even a small fire can get into the engine and interior. Many times the car has to have windows replaced and be repainted. Electrical systems can be permanently flawed.

Rental cars that have been around the block more than once. A Vehicle Identification Number check can identify vehicles owned by major rental companies.

A taxi, police car or other transportation vehicle. A Vehicle Identification Number Report can identify vehicles which have been operated as taxis or driven as a fleet vehicle.

Flooded car. Flash floods can occur in less than an hour, totally submerging a car or truck. This water gets in the engine, rear end, and transmission. It can ruin the interior, causing black mold to grow in the upholstery and carpeting.

A stolen or gray market vehicle. Vehicle Identification Number history can prevent you from buying a stolen vehicle. You could lose the money spent on buying a stolen vehicle, as well as being criminally charged with receiving a stolen vehicle. Gray market cars may be labeled as not street legal or not pass inspection, making them useless to own.

Liens and other third party owners. If a lien were on the vehicle, which represents ownership interests not openly revealed a Vehicle Identification Number Report would reveal this.

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