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Car vin history is an important part of car shopping. The car vin number history allows records to be kept pertaining to the car's history. An auto history by vin number will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title. It is recommended that every consumer get a vin history report before buying a used car. You can get a free vin history check right from our website.

This web page covers topics such as the following:

  • About car vin history and how it works
  • How to see vin number history
  • Where to get a free VIN check
  • What information auto history by vin number reports
  • How a consumer can use a vin history report to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a free vin history check
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a vin report
  • Why vin numbers are used

VIN history is the key to a used car's reliability. VIN history can say a lot about a used car.

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The VIN history of a car will tell you how many owners the car has had and much more. Buying a used car these days is a big gamble. Getting stuck with the wrong car can result in major financial loss and hours of wasted time. Minimize the risk with a used vin history check. You will be able to easily spot a solid and clean title immediately with minimal effort.

You may be wondering:

Why should I get a Vehicle History Report if I know a lot about cars?

Because many problems are so well covered up even a professional mechanic or auto body shop cannot see them. It's better to get some background on a cars history so you know what to look for.

What if the vehicles vin history is not accurate and I still get a bad car?

Vehicle history reports are up-to-date with every possible detail about a car. It's the law to track the history of a used car. Most report providers even back their information with a guarantee. If you find out the report lacked important information, you may be awarded money.

How to be a smart used automobile shopper:

  • Make sure a car is not flood damaged with a vin history check
  • Verify how many owners a car has had
  • Compare the wear and tear to the mileage listed
  • Listen to the cars engine and noises while driving
  • Compare a used car to other used cars of the same make and model
  • See if a car has been used for a taxi or other transport vehicle
  • Find out if the car has been a rental or even leased
  • See if the original oil filter is still on the car - if so that is not a good sign
  • Order a vin history report for any car before signing any paperwork
  • Look underneath the car for oil leaks or a wet sticky coating
  • Stay in the car with windows rolled up to verify if it smells okay
  • Compare the vin history to other cars of the same year and make
  • Note who owned the car and for how long

Why a flood check is essential to do before buying a used car:

Floods are very common and can do irreparable damage to a cars mechanical and electrical systems. Often the obvious signs are covered up, but these cars are far from safe and reliable.

A flood check can tell you if the car is labeled as a "flood damage car". The flood damaged car may look and work fine now, but for how long? Yes, the water damage that you could see would have been replaced like carpets, seats, and other upholstery. But the areas that you can't see probably have not been touched. Such as air conditioning and heater controls, radio, electric door locks, electric windows. Anything with electrical controls and contacts may cause intermittent problems or completely stop working at the worst time when you are driving on a busy street.

Don't forget that major accident damage also severely affects the safety and resale value of a vehicle. Don't make a costly mistake by buying a damaged vehicle. Do a free car vin history search to avoid buying a rebuilt wreck.

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