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A free vin search is an important part of every car purchase. The car vin search allows records to be shown pertaining to the car's history. Vin searches will tell you if a car has a clean title or a problem title.

It's recommended that every consumer do a free auto vin search before buying a used car. You can get a vehicle identification number search check right from our website.

This web page covers VIN search related topics such as:

  • How a consumer can use a free vin search to spot a lemon
  • What companies offer a car vin search
  • Why dealers don't like vin searches
  • How to avoid buying a lemon or salvaged car with a free auto vin search
  • How a vehicle identification number search can save you money


Now you can do a vin search online and find out if a car has a clean title or not

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A vin search is a remarkable new service provided online to consumers. Here are a few ways you can use a VIN number to your advantage:

  • Find out about major accident damage
  • See if the car has been stolen or if it is currently stolen
  • Learn about any flood damage that is hidden from view
  • See if an insurance claim has been made suggesting possible problems from an auto accident
  • Spot odometer fraud from discrepancies in various car history reports
  • Find out if a car was totaled or salvaged and rebuilt from scratch
  • Use the information to negotiate a better price based on actual facts
  • Sell a car with a vin search report to prove a car's reliability

Avoid making a potentially costly mistake when buying a used car by using the vehicle identification number to do a VIN search on the car's history.

With a VIN number search you can:

  • Review any insurance salvage history
  • Find out if a used car was used as a taxi
  • Avoid buying a stolen car or gray market vehicle
  • Discover odometer tampering fraud
  • Determine if an insurance claim is on the car
  • See if the used car has had multiple owners
  • Find out if the vehicle was used for business reasons
  • Avoid getting stuck with a used rental car with hidden problems

Check every used car as you shop. A basic vin search will tell you how many records a vehicle has listed. The more records, or records that seem excessive for the cars year should rouse suspicion. Get a comprehensive, unlimited car report to review several cars to see more details.

Before buying a car, ask yourself these questions:

Do the cars miles match the typical mile of a car with a similar age? Review the miles of other similar cars to see what the average miles are. Don't go for low miles unless there is strong evidence that the low miles are accurate.

Does the wear and tear of the cars interior and engine reflect the miles that the car currently has? A car with low miles but excess wear means the odometer has been tampered with.

Has the car been used by a smoker? Smoke tends to leave an awful, permanent smell that many non-smokers cannot tolerate. Don't decide on a car without actually seeing it in person and spending some time inside it. A vin search is a good way to choose cars to look at.

Does the car sound good? Drive the car and make sure their are no odd sounds. Engine and brake problems can usually be heard if you pay attention while driving. Dealers like to distract buyers on test drives with small talk so you cannot pay close attention to car related issues. A vin search will not note mechanical problems due to poor maintenance.

Does the car drive well compared to the same make and model of other cars? If you have no experience with a particular car model, test drive several of them to get a feel for their typical driving performance. Many people think their cars run great to only find out later that other cars of the same year and model should drive much better.

Will a VIN search help me choose the best car? A vin search can help you narrow down dozens of cars to ones that seem the most reliable. This process will save you time when looking for a used car.

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