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Do a VIN Number Look-Up and see if a used car's title is clean! Spot a lemon or salvage car and avoid being ripped off.

VIN Number Look-Up

IMPORTANT: Be sure to have the 17 digit VIN available

If your free VIN check comes back with records - then you can order the comprehensive VIN history report to see the detailed VIN record descriptions for the auto you are researching.

The ordering options for the comprehensive report are:

» One VIN Report -- $29.99 (a single vin number)
» 30-Day Unlimited VIN Reports -- $44.99 (multiple vins)

A VIN Number Look-Up can help you avoid buying a lemon or other problem vehicle. A VIN Number Look-Up provides information pertaining to a vehicle's registration and title history. Vehicle reports will spot problems such as: title & odometer fraud, lemon cars, salvage vehicles, and other hidden conditions.

What is a VIN Number?

A VIN numbers is a 17 digit character identification composed of a combination of letters and digits. Every car manufactured since 1981 has a unique 17 character VIN number. A unique vin number is assigned to each car that is made.

Where to find a VIN Number

• insurance card or policy
• vehicle title or registration card
• front driver's side dash, looking through windshield
• front driver's side door post
• online classifieds and ads often list the vin number

VIN Number Look-Up      VIN Number LookUp


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